Some of our most requested information is below. If you still have questions please reach out to our support team directly.


When will my order arrive?

All our work is handmade and produced in badges and single editions only. Normally it takes approximately 10-14 business days to produce, mount, frame and ship. Once shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number from us so you can keep an eye on things. The estimated delivery time and shipping fees vary by country.

Can I visit or view the artwork before placing an order?

Yes, tell us what artwork you would like to see, and we will check if it’s in stock, in our showroom (Eindhoven) or displayed in any of the shops nearby we partner with.

Do you include any payment information on the package?

No, we do not include an invoice with your order just a branded packing case. Tattoo Tiles make great gifts. We also offer giftcards if you’re unsure of what to choose for that special someone.

My print arrived damaged, what should I do?

On the rare occasion that your artwork arrives in anything less than perfect condition, please let us know immediately. Kindly send some photos of the damaged piece and the box that it came in to support@tattootiles.com so we can help.


What are your frames made from?

All our frames are custom made from solid steel, wood and hand assembled for each piece. Frames are treated with a transparent finish to protect it from any rust and discoloring.

Is every piece the same?
No, every piece of art is slightly different because each piece of material we use is unique (tiles, wood, steel). They are all very similar but made to be unique with much attention and love.
What do you recommend for hanging hardware?

Each of our frames comes with a balanced position in the backside for easy hanging. Depending on your wall we recommend using screws and an anchor for our largest sizes.

Can I make any customizations to the tiles or frame?

No, unfortunately we are unable to make any customizations at this time. Contact us if you are an artist and want to collaborate, or if you have any thoughts about a new edition/design.

Are any of the artworks signed or numbered?

Yes, artworks are signed & numbered by the artist and available in limited editions only, as mentioned per item. You will receive a certificate of authenticity.

How can I clean the tiles?

You can clean the artwork by wiping it with a soft piece of cloth.

Returns & cancellations

What is your return policy?

Each piece is custom made in a single edition, so we are unable to accept random returns. But if you are not happy with the quality or prefer a different item, please contact us and we will discuss your wishes.

Is it possible to see the item(s) before placing an order?

Yes, tell us what artwork you would like to see, and we will check if it’s in stock, in our showroom (Eindhoven) or displayed in any of the shops nearby we partner with.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes, all cancellations and order changes must be made within 24 hours of the original purchase. We custom produce each piece so we are unable to make adjustments once we are in production.

Work with us

How do I submit my portfolio?
Please send over your portfolio or drawing that you consider suitable additions to our collection using the Wetransfer button or info@tattootiles.com
Is there a Copyright Agreement applicable?

Yes, we offer an agreement that ensures the (copy)rights and ownership of the artists work. None of the images can be sold, copied or reproduced in any other way. The signed certificates of authenticity are in possession of the artist and will be send by post when a product is sold.

Are there any costs or investments required?

No, TattooTiles is responsible for the production and delivery of the items. The artist will receive the very first edition to present in the shop or store. We produce weekly and on demand so there is no stock or risk involved. The profit minus the production costs & fee for Tattoo Tiles are paid monthly to the artist.

How does an artist benefit from this?

How not?;) This platform is intended to collaborate in the purest way possible. Together we can share amazing art, produced in extreme high-quality on materials you’ve never seen before. We can promote and support each other and earn some money at the same time, outside the opening hours as well. Using each others strength and specialism to create amazing new stuff in a really pure and simple way of doing business;

  1. Share a piece of art (digital of by hand) & remain all copyrights
  2. Let TattooTiles produce a certain edition without any costs or efforts
  3. You are in controle of your own work, quality, certificates, visibility and sales
  4. The product will be displayed and when ordered a confirmation will follow by mail
  5. Together we promote what we are proud of and share a profit (+beer?) monthly
Can we meet on location and see the materials?

Yes, get in touch with us so we can meet and further discuss the possibilities. You are welcome in our showroom to check the quality and details.

Do you offer a trade program?

Yes, we work closely with retail and interior design. Are you an interior designer, architect or interested as a (web)store? We offer exclusive trade discounts to the right strategic partners and projects. Please get in touch if you would like to work together.

Other questions?

Please contact us via chat or details below