Kim-Anh Nguyen – Seven Seas

First generation Vietnamese immigrant, Kim-Anh was born and raised in Geneva Switzerland in 1989. She discovered tattooing in the punk scene and then got her first tattoo at the tender age of 15. After the instant click she knew that she wanted to tattoo. Starting to draw and paint more, Kim-Anh found her way into the tattoo world by producing her own paintings and flash filled with traditional old school images.She finally landed an apprenticeship in Geneva with a tattoo shop in 2011. In the summer of 2013, she moved to Amsterdam. During this time she continued to travel extensively between cities such as London, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and Zurich when she could and work as a guest all over the world, expanding knowledge and skills. Kim-Anh became co-owner of a private shop called Seven Seas Atelier located in Eindhoven as of january 2017.



All our artworks are handmade in our workshop in Eindhoven. Our team contains a mixture of creative outbursts and lots of experience. We focus on perfection and aim to exceed expectations. Together we’ll guard the identity and continuously watch over quality because ‘The end-result is our best argument’.

Heavy metal

These tiles should be protected and displayed which is why we offer custom framing on all of our pieces for customers. Our premium metal frames are made from solid thick steel to last a lifetime. Each frame is handcrafted with a blanc protecting finishing and comes with easy hanging hardware.

Real ceramics

Authentic work needs solid and authentic materials. Using real ceramics is our best possible way to share and deliver the real deal. Because we like it shinny too, we apply a special glossy hard coat. Also, to preserve quality and extra protection. It’s simply impossible to ignore this work once it finished.


Our frames come ready to hang right out of the box

Perfect frames

We custom make each frame & guarantee a perfect piece


Certificate of authenticity included with every edition

Artist approved

Our artists are supported directly from every purchase

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