Dave de Crom – Crom Irons

Dave started tattooing in 2004 and gained lots of experience in the field at Dragon tattoo, Inkstitution and Black Wolf before opening his own private tattoo shop in Eindhoven, Crom Irons. Highly experienced artist that masters the art of tattooing on every level. Sharing his passion and skills with fellow artist by building his own tattoo machines, Crom Irons. Well-know and respected for his other forms of art. Always open for new and authentic ways of sharing his work of art on a different medium. But at the same time sticking to the tradition and high standards in term of quality and condition. Accompanied by Willem Jansen and other tattoo talented artists.



All our artworks are handmade in our workshop in Eindhoven. Our team contains a mixture of creative outbursts and lots of experience. We focus on perfection and aim to exceed expectations. Together we’ll guard the identity and continuously watch over quality because ‘The end-result is our best argument’.

Heavy metal

These tiles should be protected and displayed which is why we offer custom framing on all of our pieces for customers. Our premium metal frames are made from solid thick steel to last a lifetime. Each frame is handcrafted with a blanc protecting finishing and comes with easy hanging hardware.

Real ceramics

Authentic work needs solid and authentic materials. Using real ceramics is our best possible way to share and deliver the real deal. Because we like it shinny too, we apply a special glossy hard coat. Also, to preserve quality and extra protection. It’s simply impossible to ignore this work once it finished.


Our frames come ready to hang right out of the box

Perfect frames

We custom make each frame & guarantee a perfect piece


Certificate of authenticity included with every edition

Artist approved

Our artists are supported directly from every purchase

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