Roderik Ten Hoopen – Tarot Tattoo

Roderik (aka Archibaldt) grew up in The Dutch countryside. Spending his childhood in the fields and woods gave him a strong connection to the earth’s nature, the sky up above and the centre of the self. His DIY anti-establishment mindset pulled him towards the art and tattoo world, in 2010 he landed an apprenticeship at Dragon Tattoo. An extensive study of symbolism, spirituality and the human body is the main focus in tattooing for him at the moment. You can find him in his private studio Tarot Tattoo in Roermond.





All our artworks are handmade in our workshop in Eindhoven. Our team contains a mixture of creative outbursts and lots of experience. We focus on perfection and aim to exceed expectations. Together we’ll guard the identity and continuously watch over quality because ‘The end-result is our best argument’.

Hand shaped ceramics

Authentic work needs solid and authentic materials. Using hand shaped ceramics is our best possible way to share and deliver a pure and authentic work of art. Because we like it shinny too, we apply a special glossy hard coat. Also, to preserve quality and extra protection.

Note from artist: These special hand shaped tiles could slightly vary in color, since all tiles are handmade. In other words incomparable, just like you:) 


Our frames come ready to hang right out of the box

Perfect frames

We custom make each frame & guarantee a perfect piece


Certificate of authenticity included with every edition

Artist approved

Our artists are supported directly from every purchase

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